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The eCommerce market has already involved a big part of retailers all over the world. Therefore, merchants of every digital store, who decided to take part in an online race for success, have faced competitive pressure. In this case smart eCommerce technologies are a good idea to sell more and more effectively.

Please see what tips and tricks could come in handy while automating all online business processes.

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    Phattawatt Tantijarusdham

    8 months ago #

    More than 290,000 published statuses and more than 136,000 photos are uploaded on Facebook every 60 seconds. More than 500 million people post on Instagram Stories every day, over 350,000 tweets are tweeted every minute, and more than 40,000 people are searching on Google each second.

    Without any doubt, a tremendous amount of content is created daily and delivered via Social Media, Blogs, and other online channels. Apart from that, the competition is becoming intense to get visibility and to rank high on search engines.