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On-demand services have become an inseparable part of our lives. If you don’t have enough pizza for the party, you can get more of that pepperoni goodness for your friends using Postmates or Grubhub. If you’re in a hurry for an important meeting, you can always rely on Uber. But is there anything you can do with a pile of laundry when you have no time or desire for washing? This is when on-demand cleaning and laundry services come in handy.

On-demand laundry services have become an integral part of the service industry. On-demand mobile laundry apps make the process of washing quick and convenient. Customers can use these apps for anything from arranging pickup to reviewing the service.

Three reasons to do the laundry on-demand

1) By tapping several buttons on a smartphone, users can turn an unpleasant chore into a lovely evening with their favorite movie, not with their favorite pants.