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Your chances of getting an increase in your CRO budget are much higher if you can highlight the bottom-line results. Here’s how to do that.

CRO is still in the process of proving its worth to the mainstream, which means that many top executives are a bit skeptical of its value.

Unlike a more familiar marketing technique such as AdWords, which has an obvious and direct connection to the bottom line, CRO can seem a bit abstract.

The idea that improving conversion rates by just a few percentage points can dramatically improve revenue seems far-fetched.

There is good news, however. CRO speaks the language of the CFO.

In the end, CRO is about metrics, testing, and hard data, all leading to a boost in the bottom line and a measurable return on investment (ROI). It’s not about guesswork, “visionary” branding, or the current hottest trend in marketing.

The CFO might not understand iterative testing, but they certainly understand increasing revenue with minimal costs and a high ROI...

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