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There are a number of cold emailing techniques that are proven to increase the response rate, warm up leads, and open up the high-value sales opportunities you’re after.

In this article, we will break down four highly successful cold email campaigns to find out exactly what they did right and how you can follow their lead.

We’ll look at:

  1. A campaign that grew a company’s revenue to $30k/month within one year.
  2. A cold email formula that secured $10k in recurring monthly revenue.
  3. A campaign that allowed a consulting firm to quickly sign a new $15k client.
  4. How one company used cold email to land meetings with LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
  • MG

    Mary Green

    about 1 year ago #

    I love these cold email examples. I write a lot of cold email but it's always nice to see what others put in theirs.

    • TH

      Tyler Hakes

      about 1 year ago #

      That's exactly why I love these kinds of posts. There are so many variables to test, it's nice to get a feeling for what has worked in the past.

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