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Why is it Important to Increase Purchase Frequency?

☝️First of all, it’s much cheaper to get your current customers to make additional purchases down the road than it is to acquire new customers.

✌️Second, it’s much more probable that those who have purchased from your company in the past will do so again (compared to those who are yet to make an initial purchase)

That's why you should work hard to increase this metric.

Head to the post below to learn 4 tactics to increase your ecommerce customers’ purchase frequency 👇

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  • RS

    ritu shona

    7 months ago #

    Hello Dennis,

    A really different thinking and wonderful thought and tips on how to save and sell more to existing customers. The ratio and the mathematical calculations you've given was quite good.

    Every strategies and planning comes to reality only if proven, but I'll definitely give a try bro.

    Once again, I've never thought of this planning. Good tip and informative.

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