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While a basic remarketing strategy can lead to an increase in sales (and a decrease in lost sales), this article is going to discuss a handful of advanced remarketing tactics that will allow you to:

- Target specific individuals with highly-relevant ads, based on specific actions they’ve taken

- Target prospects and customers that have a high probability of converting and/or increasing their spend

- Increase the ROAS from your remarketing campaigns

  • AC

    Anthony Capetola

    over 1 year ago #

    Absolutely, however some E-commerce platforms don't support Enhanced E-commerce tracking from Analytics - but excellent point - in my experience merchants are mostly using more basic audiences so I took a more advanced take on some of the cool things you can do with RLSA and Dynamic Remarketing.

    But there also must be a solid synergy between using these audiences and melding them with other campaigns like Shopping and Search.

    AOV audiences are less obvious choices because, at least I believe, that audience building itself is intimidating and these are a higher level approach than many may not be comfortable attempting.

    My hope for this guide is that it ignites some more thought into how we think about Remarketing audiences and what we can do with them when we explore more into Google Analytics (as the primary example)

  • ED

    Edward Dennis

    over 1 year ago #

    GREAT post! Please correct me if I'm wrong, don't you need to set up enhanced ecommerce first before you can implement any of those segmentations?

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