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This title says it all.

Do you know how to increase your Amazon sales?
Are you:

- A/B testing images, headlines, and product descriptions?
- Taking good photos?
- Or how about highlighting the selling points of your product?

If you're pausing, even for a second, on any of these points mentioned - you should give this article a lookover.

  • TE

    Tina Eaton

    11 months ago #

    "Another way to protect yourself from bad reviews is by asking for seller reviews rather than product reviews. Then, you can manually reach out to the customers who leave you positive seller reviews to ask them to leave a product review, as well." Best tip for getting review numbers up without risking a lukewarm review from someone you haven't had the chance to reach out to yet!

  • GR

    Gigi Rodgers

    11 months ago #

    I just really love this title. LOL! That's why I'm giving this a read.