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Hiring freelance writers is actually very difficult, particularly if you're in a space with highly specific knowledge and your editorial standards are high.

I wrote a post for the Wordable blog outlining the lessons I've learned from hiring freelancers at CXL, HubSpot, and for my own consulting business.

Here are the tips I outline in the post:
-If possible, work first with your personal network
-Next, look for referrals in your network
-After that, try to poach good freelancers from other sites you admire
-On job ads, filter candidates with a Brown M&M’s clause
-Filter further by being very obvious that this isn’t a bullshit gig and bad work won’t be accepted (show high standards)
-Create an entertaining and super comprehensive editorial guide
-When you find a writer you like, keep them around and pay them more than they ask
-Build a system that works for you and the writers
-Be fast (don’t be the bottleneck)
-In most situations, choose domain expertise over beautiful writing

  • RF

    Ryan Farley

    7 months ago #

    Your point about Brown M&Ms is interesting. Have you ever actually gone back and checked to see if their work was of lesser quality than the others?

    I can't speak to freelance writers, but I know gimmicks like this often backfire or add no value when hiring for full-time.

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