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Over the time, Instagram has become one of the must have platforms to grow your business. Here are 10 free Instagram tools to grow your following.

Over 400 million people check Instagram daily! This makes Instagram one of the most sought-after places to grow your business. With such a whopping amount of audience and some cool business updates such as Business tools, stories, and Instagram Ads, Instagram has become an essential part of a brand’s social media strategy.

10 free Instagram tools to help you grow your following

From creating amazing graphics to finding great hashtags and from scheduling the posts to analyzing your performance, here are some of the coolest tools that would buy more viewers

1. PicFlow

If Instagram is your forte, then PicFlow is a must have. With PicFlow, you can create slideshows for Instagram. For this, you need to,

  • Select Photo
  • Select a background music
  • Put a timer for each photo

If you want to make longer videos, you need to purchase the premium version. It is available for less than $3. Purchasing the premium version would also remove the app’s watermark. 

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another free tool that you can incorporate with Instagram. You can create portfolios, advertisements, animated stories, greeting cards and much more. Along with this, you can also select a number of templates and designs. You’ll also get design captions according to your images.