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Anyone with an inbox nowadays knows: when it comes to sales, cold outreach is still among top selling techniques. But, how can you compete with so many cold emails out there from your competitors every single day? You need to put some real effort to stand out in your potential customers’ inbox and get that response. This is why we’ve accumulated our most successful customers' best practices and our own expertise in of cold emailing for sales in this longread whitepaper. Learn more to see our most actionable tactics for email prospecting and steal our best working templates.

  • VC

    Vince Crawford

    12 months ago #

    Hey Oleg,

    Great read! I've never heard of Reply before (probably because I spent most of my sales career focused on cold calling), but now that our team is switching to email outreach, THAT's what I call the right time and place!

    Being a newbie in prospecting, but a pro in sales, I was trying to find a simple yet efficient guide with templates for weeks and now I have it. Thanks for sharing! Hope you don't mind if I share it on my Twitter as well.

  • CT

    Casius Timberkle

    12 months ago #

    Ditto what Vince said. There are like tons of templates and scripts out there, but so little good ones I can really "steal" and use. Great job on that one!

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    12 months ago #

    To be honest I prefer hot emails. How to make your messages hot?

    First you connect with people and then (one day) you email them.

    Mailing strangers will always be a rather tricky last minute approach.

    Become friends first and then ask for attention - once you deserve it.

  • BA

    Bhavya Aggarwal

    12 months ago #

    Hey Oleg,

    Looks like a good comprehensive read. Unfortunately, not able to read fully as the left menu is blocking the content. You can take a look at how it looks on my machine here : https://app.zipboard.co/s/cRnit
    Thought will share with you.

  • AK

    Andrius Kudirka

    12 months ago #

    Hi Oleg, nice whitepaper.

    I have a question for you. How much hours you see your sales team saves due to automation? And what tools does your team use in general?

  • VB

    Vipul Bansal

    12 months ago #

    A very comprehensive read. Thanks for sharing.

    Read only half of it yet. But love the way you capture emails using *Read Later* CTA. Clever!

  • MH

    Matt Harney @ Appealie

    12 months ago #

    Awesome resource

    - Matt (we happen to be very satisfied Reply users)

  • BR

    Ben Rogers

    12 months ago #

    I always wanted to know more about mailchimp and making it into the primary inbox, is that based off their servers i mean their IP addresses for sending would be really well know. Does that make a difference?

  • CC

    Caesar Castello

    12 months ago #

    Did you guys just changed your website design?

  • 12 months ago #

    Great insight here. Well done.

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