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Most of the people who brought humongous traffic to their blogs will be pretty clueless on what exact strategy clicked with their audience. If you still pester them for a while they’ll leave you hanging with a phrase “killer content”. Now as much as we would like to be informed about the definition of a ‘killer content’, taste for content can be just as varied as our tastebuds. Some may like it wrapped up and stuffed in a parantha roll, while some may relish a seven course lavish spread.

There’s nothing like a successful content.

But there is certainly something like a successful marketing.

Of course, this does not mean that you will survive with a bad content. Your successful marketing skills can bring in a lot of visitors, but only your killer content can make them stay.

Here, we are talking about creating awareness for your blog so that you get visitors to check your blog out. How do you do that? Have a look.

  • IR

    Izabela Rokita

    29 days ago #

    Not sure when this article was written, but Stumble Upon is not existing now. They changed to MIX, maybe it's worth updating. Cheers found other insights pretty valuable ;)