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Getting hired is not really a challenge these days if you’re any good. Then again there is no such thing as “too many great opportunities”, right?

This post covers:

- 3+1 things that get you hired (or stop you from getting hired)
- personal positioning
- 6 ways to get relevant experience and skills
- the thing to “hack” when applying for jobs (hint: cover letters)
- some personal observations and tips

  • AS

    Avery Schrader

    5 months ago #

    This is possibly the most interesting way i've seen someone apply for a job. I never would have known this about Ott. Super cool dude. Thanks for the article and sharing this little story Andrus, super cool

    • AP

      Andrus Purde

      5 months ago #

      Have to add that his resume was great as well, communicated many proverbial needles moved even before he had started to apply

  • VV

    Visakan Veerasamy

    5 months ago #

    Good cover letters are so underrated. Most people don't seem to put in much effort into them, so anybody who puts it even a moderate amount of effort into theirs is interestingly more compelling as a candidate!

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