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As a startup founder, you were probably on a first name basis with many of your early users. Some became cheerleaders and champions, others churned. And, in those early weeks and months, everyone’s detailed, anecdotal feedback was critical. Those first 5, 10, or 50 customers helped you hone your product into something that hundreds or even thousands of customers now rely on.

As more and more users come on board, you can no longer develop personal relationships with each and every one. Plus, your attention is pulled to hiring, infrastructure and funding. Now, more than ever though, you need to know what customers think of your product and stay connected. You need a solution that scales.

  • AK

    Amit Kumar

    over 4 years ago #


    thanks to this guide, I found a useful free employee scheduling and timekeeping software from Homebase. Yeah, it's really very tough to get rich product feedback when we can no longer talk to every customer. I am pretty sure it will help me in this situation.

    Thanks for this detailed guide.