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I am going to deal with this issue throughout this article and present you with some of the best strategies that will answer the main question: “How to get quality backlinks?” First, however, I would like to define the main concepts that are related to our topic and walk through it, step by step.

  • NR

    Nikola Roza

    over 1 year ago #

    Hi Robert. This is a really thorough guide, I thoroughly enjoyed it:)

    I have a question for you.

    You mention that you can outsource link building to an agency and that it costs around $200 per backlink (via guest posting).

    Isn't that link buying which Google hates so much?

    I ask because I know where I can buy links like that and I'm sure they work, yet I'm afraid to use them because I don't want to risk anything with my site. I think it is very easy for Google employees to buy the same links and take note of sites that sell them.

    That is proof right there and a broken network could pull down God knows how many sites.

    Anyway, that is my concern and I wonder what your thoughts are on the subject, thank you.

    • JQ

      Jason Quey

      over 1 year ago #

      You can always equate any service to "buying" links.

      If I hire a VA for $4/hour, and on average she gets one link for every 10 hours, I "bought" a link for $40.

      Google's goal is to do its best to provide quality answers to someone's question, not necessarily to police the Internet.

      • NR

        Nikola Roza

        over 1 year ago #

        Yes, you're right. Thanks for the reply.

        But I had in mind a well-known service from a well-known SEO.

        They say they buy links from webmasters (by having native English speakers write the content), and that it's against Google's guidelines, and that it's risky but still safe because the link looks like it's editorially placed...

        I always wondered what stops Google from just making a list a sites that accept these dealings and then scrutinizing them further.

        My guess is that the internet is too huge for one company, even if it's Google we're talking about.

    • JM

      Jacob McMillen

      over 1 year ago #

      Ditto what Jason said. By outsourcing link building, I'm talking about hiring a team to guest post on behalf of your brand.

      • NR

        Nikola Roza

        over 1 year ago #

        Oh yes, that would be an excellent strategy, provided that guest posts are really high quality. Then that is not link buying at all.

  • NF

    Nathan Feldman

    about 1 year ago #

    just wanted to drop my 5 cents to the topic - Basically google frowns upon any "artificial" backlinking practices - doesn't really matter if your blatantly pay the blogger for a guest-post or just for inserting your link somewhere inside an existing post, same goes paying to an SEO-Agency for doing the dirty job for you - in both cases the link you're getting wasn't achieved in a "Natural / Organic" way. Regarding the risk - Google can't police the whole internet as Jason noted but Google does employ "few" PhDs which help them to identify patterns, by patterns I mean - sudden spikes in your backlinks-velocity, Anchor Over-Optimization, are you getting the links from spammy PBN (Private Blog Networks) - there are plenty of artificial-Signals google can detect while evaluating your backlinks-profile - and if they do identify any, your site is going to get penalized or even worse - it will get De-Indexed entirely from the search results.

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