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Today I’ll show you the 5 steps that you can follow to be better than 90% of the companies I see when it comes to creating actionable data dashboards. We’ll do this by establishing our important user actions or “goals” and properly tracking all of our incoming traffic. We’ll end with organizing this information in a way that helps you make quick decisions without spending hours looking at a spreadsheet. These are things you can do once in an afternoon and then use forever. A rough table of contents is below and if you already know a little bit about GA, you can skip around: Step 1: Get Google Analytics working accurately Step 2: Create goals to track important conversions Step 3: Properly tag traffic with UTM parameters Step 4: Look at the most useful reports inside Google Analytics Step 5: Establish a regular analytics review

  • SS

    Sherman Smith

    over 3 years ago #

    Hey Ruben,

    This was more motivating than anything. I need to get back to creating funnels and tracking them to see how I can make any improvements.

    But this is a great post for all of those who are "afraid" of Google Analytics. I'm not going to lie, when I first saw it, it was a bit intimidating, but with patience and being a bit tedious I learned quite a bit. This post put's all that you need in one which is great. It'll save many entrepreneurs/solopreneurs a lot of time.

    Great share Ruben!

    • RU

      Ruben Ugarte

      over 3 years ago #

      Hey Sherman, you're right that this post is really geared for people who haven't used GA because they feel "intimidated" by the tool.

      Thanks for reading!