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Podcast episode includes: 1) The 5 levers for growth 2) Growth process 3) Looking for growth opportunities 4) Baking growth into your organization 5) The risks of “faking” growth 6) Innovation accounting vs. traditional accounting 7) How to execute the process 8) How to run experiments faster 9) Good enough data 10) Building a growth team 11) Getting developer resources 12) Growth models 13) Creating a growth culture

  • JC

    Jacob Cavallo

    6 months ago #

    Wow ! Really informative article.

  • SM

    Sherry Mason

    6 months ago #

    Very rich post! It's going to take me time to take in all that! Thanks for sharing this!

  • MS

    Martijn Scheijbeler

    6 months ago #

    Excellent blog post, I love reading about other companies setting up Growth & Marketing teams and how they think about their frameworks and models.

    • MR

      Mike Rome

      6 months ago #

      Thanks Martijn. As mentioned in the podcast and post, I'd definitely encourage you to check out folks like Brian Balfour, Andrew Chen, Casey Winters, etc. Much of the models we use are just slight adaptions from the great foundations they've already built. Best of luck!

  • DH

    Dani Hart

    6 months ago #

    Love the point on the clash of funding investments and patience. Great podcast, Mike. Always enjoy hearing what you have to say. :)

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