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Making the first sale can be daunting for a new ecommerce entrepreneur. There are too many things to do — SEO, content marketing, PPC, and much more. Where do you start?

We’ve gathered four tactics that anyone can implement to make the first sale without having to spend almost any money or time, which includes leveraging:

— Your network
— Facebook ads
— Online communities
— Viral giveaways

Plus, we added the comments from 6 experts:

— Noah Kagan, from Sumo
— Austin Brawner, from Ecommerce Influence
— Maneesh Sethi, from PAVLOK
— Andrew Youderian, from eCommerce Fuel
— Jeff Sheldon, from Ugmonk
— Steve Chou, from MyWifeQuitHerJob

By the end of this 5k-word guide, you’ll learn how to make your first sale.

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