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How to 10x your LinkedIn post views easily?

LinkedIn is booming and we're at the beginning of it

Now my LinkedIn posts reach even more than 100K views, but I only have 4K followers 😎

Can you do the same on Facebook or Twitter?


But how to conquer this LinkedIn Content Game?

After 30+ different experiments with fails and wins I found out a simple formula:

Content Success = Content Quality + Initial Engagement

And since I wrote a lot (a L-O-T) about how to make LinkedIn posts to get more results (https://ilya.today/Bhw37),

Today I decided to share my insights on the 2d part of the formula - getting initial engagement with pods 👈

👉👉👉Find out How To Find And Join LinkedIn Engagement Pods In 2019 [+ Bonus] - https://ilya.today/find-pods