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About Employee Awards
In itself, rewarding is a simple instrument of intangible motivation.

This is a public recognition of the merits of the employee – thanks to the manager, handshakes, applause and congratulations from colleagues, accompanied by the presentation of the award.

The material value of the award itself does not matter.

The reward in this case is just an attribute of the award ritual.

The award shows the importance of the employee’s merits in comparison with the merits of his colleagues.

How to reward employees
There is nothing more demotivating than the annual rewarding of the same employees or the allocation of quotas for the formation of awards lists.

Therefore, it makes sense to take seriously the development of nominations and selection criteria for applicants for awards and the selection of decent ones.

Coordinate the adoption of decisions on the rewarding of an employee is in the local regulatory act, which will describe in detail the nominations and selection criteria for applicants for awards, as well as the decision-making procedure for rewarding.

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