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After learning that most teams are built with a budget, structure and leadership support. I took it upon myself to create a cross-functional global team. It started without a budget, support, structure, or team, just an idea and passion. This is what I learned from starting small, so small that they could not even notice. A change that reworked the structure of my company from within and set in motion the formation of a growth team.

  • DH

    Dani Hart

    about 1 year ago #

    Hi Jessica - love this insight... thanks for sharing!

    Starting small and getting early results definitely helps to make the case for cross-functional projects. Looking forward to following your success (and key takeaways!)


  • LV

    Lionel Valdellon

    12 months ago #

    Spot-on takeaways and awesome insight into guerilla growth tactics within your own organization. Awesome read.

    • JM

      Jessica Mendoza

      12 months ago #

      Thank you Lionel. I think when you don't have a budget and have a big idea, guerilla is definitely a way to get the ball rolling.

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