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Your site is up and running. New visitors are coming every day. Many are becoming your customers. You exhale, praise yourself, and enjoy the tranquility.

But one day, thoughts pop up in your head: Maybe it’s worth changing the background on the main page? What if visitors don’t like this picture? Maybe if we move this text to the right and the button to the left we’ll get more sales? What if these changes actually lower the conversion rate?

If you’re faced with this situation, it’s time to figure out A/B testing. This guide will tell you how to properly automate A/B testing, why Google Optimize is necessary for this, how to configure it, and what points you should pay attention to during your first experiment.

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    5 months ago #

    Sadly A/B testing only works for high traffic sites.

    Without having hundreds or better thousands of daily visitors on a given article you don't need to bother.

    The results will be pretty random without enough people visiting.