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Do you use Gmail?

I bet - you do.

And how many Gmail accounts do you have?

I guess - a lot...

For example, I have 4 different Gmail accounts.

And it's a total HELL for me to switch between them.😡

"Writing an email in the 1st account, and got an important message in a 2d one. Switching... at this time got an email in my 3d account and need to write a follow-up from 4th account...



If you have the same - the solution is to Merge Gmail Accounts.

Seems to be a hard thing?

Don't worry it's easy as 1-2-3-4-5 and takes up to 5 mins of your time (but can save your nerves)😆

Check the "How to merge 2+ Gmail accounts (with a quick video)" - https://docsify.net/blog/how-to-merge-2-gmail-accounts/

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