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In this post you will learn how to find and scrape thousand of personal emails in few minutes. Once found and collected all the personal email you need, you can use them for an immersion campaign on Facebook (creating a custom audience) or for a email campaign with ReplyApp as our agency did several times for our client.

Idea to test from this article (clicking on idea title will provide more details)

  • AB

    Alessandro Bogliari

    over 2 years ago #

    If you have any other methods, please let me know :)

  • JB

    Joseph Bentzel

    over 2 years ago #

    Isn't this a violation of LinkedIn's terms of service?

    Isn't this just open advocacy of spam?

    Isn't this why people think "growthhacking" and spam are the same thing?

    Last but not least, isn't LinkedIn taking people who do things like this TO COURT?


  • PK

    Peter Kadas

    over 2 years ago #

    hey, I've read this amazing article before, but now it's a 404 - please check the broken link.

  • DS

    Dima Shulga

    over 1 year ago #

    Also you can use https://getprospect.io . It's a very helpful Linkedin email scraper.

  • RO

    Roman Onischuk

    4 months ago #

    So if you want to collect emails from Linkedin, just use this service with extension:
    of course, you need email validation for your list - use Proofy (https://proofy.io/)
    Thanks for the review )))

  • CL

    Calvyn Lee

    2 months ago #

    I had documented some step by step using google to scrape LinkedIn public data


  • SE

    Stephen Ebhodaghe

    26 days ago #

    If you’re looking for a way to glean emails from LinkedIn profiles, there is a way to do so. I will say that with any cold marketing tactic, you should always proceed with caution.
    If you’re going to use this method, at the least you should aim at writing a **value-based cold email introduction. **As in make sure it covers in no more than **three short two-line paragraphs **exactly** **why they should take time to even reply to you. Carefully revise any potential emails to remove any self-serving language. After all you are cold e-mailing *them*, and most likely without any prior introduction or communication.
    Aside from exporting your own Linkedin Contacts, here is a tool you can use to find emails on LinkedIn from people outside of your connections.
    If you have a **Linkedin Sales Navigator Account **(they offer a free 30 day trial for this service)** **you can use that to filter search results on LinkedIn and really get to a laser focused list of targets.
    In Sales Navigator you can filter by Job title, industry, location and other criteria which makes it easy to find exactly the right people you are looking for.

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