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When you are selling or marketing products and services, you may be selling in various ways, including phone calls, in-person meetings, or word of mouth.

Adding email marketing to the list is another step towards generating real interest in your product or service.

Sending emails to prospective customers is more than just mass-sending the same email to 10,000 people on a contact list.

Some customers may be interested in buying your services today. Others may not even be aware of your service category.

Email marketing includes all of the above customer types and more. Emails have the power to persuade or to turn off customers, and must be highly tuned to the particular person to have the best effect.

But your sales team can’t afford to hire enough marketers to custom-tailor every email.

The solution is using an email marketing tool. Each tool is different, but in general, they all provide a way to qualify each potential customer and send them just the right message at the right time.

This requires the usage of a lot of analytical tools and automation to work just right.