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User personas are often talked about in marketing and product design, but they’re almost never done well. There are certainly companies doing them well, but not a lot of detail goes into instruction, and the blog posts out there on how to build personas are generally pretty bad. This post will outline the entire process, giving code examples, data analysis examples, survey questions – the whole thing. You should be able to replicate this process after reading it (or at least follow the resources in the article to learn more about specific parts).

  • ML

    Mark Lindquist

    23 days ago #

    This is awesome. I'm not sure I've ever encountered a user persona that I didn't think was bull shit. Glad to see there is a way of doing it based on data and quantitative analysis rather than "this is who I think/want our customer is, I'll just find a headshot of somebody and give them a name and call it a day".

  • LC

    Luiz Centenaro

    22 days ago #

    This should be mandatory reading for every marketing student. Fantastic way to use data to create customer personas. Thanks for sharing.

    • AB

      Alex Birkett

      21 days ago #

      Thanks Luiz - i think it would have been excellent to learn this as a marketing student

  • SP

    Sean Power

    16 days ago #

    I'm such a lurker in these forums, but this post was so good I absolutely had to log in and comment. Really great stuff, love how you included the code, the links in the doc add so much value too. Spot on.

  • AB

    Alex Birkett

    23 days ago #

    Thanks for posting this! Put a decent amount of time into writing the post, and of course into the process itself. I like this process because it layers on quantitative and qualitative data, and is super data-backed, but not so time consuming that it puts you in analysis paralysis and prevents you from executing. Happy to answer questions here or on the post itself

  • MR

    Matthias Reinholz

    15 days ago #

    Great article! Personas oftentimes do not add any real value. Here we get an idea of how powerful this concept can be!

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