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Let’s face it the digitization of commercial processes has led to many security issues related to data privacy and online fraud.

Most organizations are employing new strategies and technologies to ensure the safety of sensitive data and prevent hacker attacks.

So I believe you’ll agree that in the Internet era, digital trust has become crucial.

In our new article, we talk about what digital trust is, and also describe the best practices for increasing digital trust in business.

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    11 days ago #

    The first step in building digital trust is not invading the privacy of your visitors.

    Your site has 11 potential trackers installed, Google and Facebook among them according to Privacy Badger by the EFF.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    • ES

      Edward steven

      11 days ago #

      Of course

    • TC

      Tad Chef

      7 days ago #

      Also responding to feedback and visitor concerns is a good way to establish digital trust.

      Ignoring complaints and customer privacy while selling data is a recipe for disaster.

      Your site is not GDPR compliant btw. yet you have visitors from the EU (me e.g.).

      You could get sued, especially as you use third party tracking cookies without consent.

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