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Transaction value in the segment of peer-to-peer money transfers amounts to $65,761 million this year. And its annual growth rate is expected to comprise 19.4%. This is a sign of a new development scope. A sign of P2P payment apps bandwagon.

Cashless peer-to-peer payments via apps are getting more and more acceptance among mobile users these days. They can boast convenient, secure and no-brainer way to send funds to relatives, friends, and people you personally know.

Without further ado, let's discover all aspects of p2p payment app development, from the wireframing stage to the very monetization model.

  • AK

    alex khan

    12 months ago #

    Nice discussion. Nowadays im using P2P mobile apps to match with real people around me to exchange money. I can negotiate the rate before i walk thousands of steps. Choose the best peer, meet in a cafe and perform exchange. Winngie Exchange Local currency application is my best so far. Need to be more global but i believe it will be soon. Donnow if there are some others. So far Winngie is brilliant. Just like another uber like app for exchanging money. Never use Euronet bankomats or airport exchange offices. They are all cheaters, unfair rates or high commission rates. You can also use "Winngie" to send money abroad. Just wanted to share my experience. It looks "Winngie" mobile app is real p2p logic and just matching people who are in cross currencies or who are living in cross countries to transfer money abroad. As I understand it needs 4 people for sending money abroad and 2 people for exchanging local currency. Hope this will work. if anyone is using these kind of apps and if there is any alternative pls inform.

  • JB

    Jessica Bennett

    10 months ago #

    Great Article. Check out this article on how to make a p2p payment system

  • MB

    Maryna Bobrovskaya

    9 months ago #

    Interesting article. Actually, when it comes to p2p payment app development there are a lot of basic features you should include to your MVP, such as user digital wallet, send and request money capability, send bills/invoices, push notifications, unique ID/OTP, transfer to a bank account, chat, history, and, last but certainly not least, admin panel. You can learn more about these features in this article that explains how to create a p2p payment app: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/p2p-payment-app-development