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"SaaS companies that have a strong SEO strategy appear higher and more frequently in the Google results. This means they generate more targeted traffic from users who are in an active buying cycle (even if they don’t realize it), which they can then convert into leads and customers.

The SaaS companies that I found in my search didn’t show up on Google magically. They invested in a smart SEO strategy. They built problem-focused articles that addressed my pain and introduced me to a solution. They optimized their website to rank for the most relevant search terms. They earned backlinks that helped them outrank their competitors."

  • TH

    Tyler Hakes

    almost 2 years ago #

    Thanks a ton for sharing this Jason!

    I've spent most of my career thinking about content and SEO. Sometimes, it's nice to just dump all of that thinking into a post. This one was a long-time coming.

    One of the biggest realizations for me is that when many SaaS companies think about, plan, and execute content and SEO strategies, they think ONLY about their marketing site or ONLY about their blog. In reality, these are two sides of the same coin. The trick is having an SEO framework that uses content to reinforce and drive traffic to the critical marketing pages (features, personas, solutions) that are difficult to rank for with educational content.

    And, on the flip side, capturing users at the beginning of their journey can almost always comes ONLY from educational content that targets those pain-solution keywords.

    The key is bringing them all together in a strategic way! :-)

    Anyway -- I will hop off my soapbox and let people share their thoughts. Thanks again for sharing, J!

    • TE

      Tina Eaton

      almost 2 years ago #

      Agreed, which is what makes that section on mapping SEO to the SaaS funnel pure gold. Amazing resource. May need to print this out lol.

  • JS

    Jeromy Sonne

    almost 2 years ago #

    Interestingly a lot of the insights you shared about content are also applicable to social ads. I think we're seeing the decline of direct response to cold audiences when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads. People are just too burned on them. What's working well these days is paying to promote content and letting people self qualify their way through the funnel. Thanks for sharing I think a lot of this is broadly applicable and SEO + Paid ads are making the most sense when they're built on a common foundation of great content.