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When we read, we recognize words as pictures and hear them spoken.

This is important because the choice of words gives character to what we hear. So depending on your product's copy, your product's character may seem complex, uninspiring, and stern, or—if you choose your words carefully—it could be easy, motivating, and fun. This is the arena of UX writing: the craft of writing words that directly relate to the user's action, the motivation before that action, the instructions that accompany the action, and the feedback right after the action.

When you get these right, you can create a positive experience that increases the usability of the product, engages the user, and enhances your brand for positive differentiation.

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    7 months ago #

    Makes sense that UX writing should be clear, concise and practical. It's all about driving the next action to help someone get value from your product! This is very different from writing website copy or blogging.

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