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Experimentation programs often lose steam because they are operating within a silo.

Problems arise when people outside of the optimization team don’t understand the why behind experimentation. When test goals aren’t aligned with other teams’ KPIs. When experimentation successes aren’t celebrated within the organization at-large.

Optimization champions can struggle to scale their experimentation programs from department initiatives to an organizational strategy. Because to scale, you need buy-in.

But getting buy-in for any initiative – especially one that challenges norms, like experimentation – is no easy task. Particularly if your organization suffers from silo mentality.

In this post, we outline a 5-step process for blasting through the silo-mentality blocks in your organization to create a culture of experimentation.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    over 2 years ago #

    This was a really great read.
    If your company is going to experience breakout growth, the biggest driver of that will be the entire organization contributing to it.
    @sean recently revisited his famous growth pyramid post to make this very same point: https://blog.growthhackers.com/the-growth-pyramid-revisited-1ec8ff51877.

    Also not sure if its just me but I've been seeing a steady increase in content around breaking down silos of late. I want to believe that this is an indicator of the increasing recognition of the importance of a company-wide approach to growth.

    • NW

      Natasha Wahid

      over 2 years ago #

      Thanks for your comment, Anuj! I 100% agree – growth has to be a team effort and a silo'ed organization is one of the biggest pain points we hear about.

      Also agree about the discussion around how to fix it! Given what we're hearing in the industry, I would say it's becoming a major priority.