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If you are a business with a subscription model, the key metric you will need to have your eye on is – customer churn.

If you lose 5% of your paying subscription customers each month, you are looking at a close to 50% annual customer churn rate!

After just one year you are looking at a ~30% divergence in customers and revenues!

So how do you go about setting up the process of reducing churn?

Here are some timeless fundamentals that we put together instead of promising some fad growth hacks :)

  • AM

    Aarthi Man

    11 months ago #

    Lovely post!! On the point about constantly seeking feedback—yes, proactively seeking feedback is always better.

    But I also believe that it happens automatically once you start pushing content out in the public on a consistent basis. That's the beauty of the Internet—you will get unsolicited advice even when you're not asking for it. 🙂