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Fast forward three years.

It’s 2021 and B2B marketing has radically changed.


Well B2B marketing leaders are now some of the highest paying people at growing companies.


Because B2B marketing has gotten really hard. Blogging is dead, and the traditional content marketing playbook doesn’t work.

SEO is a black box and Google has the only key (which they swallowed).

That’s because there are a MILLION distractions for B2B buyers. Advertising is everywhere buyers look – both digitally and physically.

They have so many options to choose from, endless information at their fingertips and they can get it wherever and whenever.

Growing companies NEED growth. Engineering, HR, finance, even sales — all take a back seat at companies that are desperate to accelerate traction in their market.

Enter you: the new marketing leader. You’re the highly sought after, heavily recruited and extremely well compensated marketer that’s going to help this company scale.

But how did you get here? What skills have you sharpened? What successes have you had in the past three years?

I’ve had the rare opportunity to work with, talk to, and learn from hundreds of marketers and marketing leaders this past year. Really good marketers are in high demand. And that demand is growing every year.

Here’s what I think the highest paid VPs of Marketing will look like in 2021. Read on here: https://www.drift.com/blog/how-to-be-the-highest-paid-marketer/

  • AB

    Alex Birkett

    9 months ago #

    Question on the first point (I'm thinking out loud, have no idea what the answer is): do you think "You’re a Blend of Reality TV Personality & Brand Ambassador" benefits from a very special type of Survivorship Bias?

    By definition, it's a salient tactic, so when it's successful, it's very obvious to attribute success to it. Whereas, for example, in my experience, a lot of growth and CRO work is by nature unsexy, built on very small wins that accumulate over time, and are not obviously noticeably to those who aren't looking very closely.

    I'm not doubting that the brand ambassador play is functional and effective for some brands, but I wonder how many companies would try and fail and therefore not be counted in the success ratio, and whether that indicates that it's a trend for marketers or instead just a very specific instance where it worked out well w/ your VP and brand?

    • DJ

      Daniel J.

      9 months ago #

      Good thought - not everyone will be successful with that type of brand marketing. but the post is about what marketers are mostly NOT doing today, but will be important in the future (CRO/growth a lot of marketers are doing today).

  • CH

    Chris Handy

    9 months ago #

    Nice post here from @_danieljmurphy how to be the highest paid marketer on your team and the skills you need to get there.

  • DJ

    Daniel J.

    9 months ago #

    Agree? Disagree? Would love to hear what YOU think.

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