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1:1 meetings are way more than just another time suck. They're a way to get in touch with your direct reports, listen and remove roadblocks. Format Tips for Successful 1:1s: - Strive for weekly 1:1s with direct reports, every other week if you have to - Embrace “skip 1 meetings”where you meet every two weeks or once a month with team members a level or two removed – DC also holds monthly office hours where anyone in the company can sign up to meet with him one on one. Keep them casual – go for a walk to get coffee or a juice, get in a room to whiteboard, don’t write everything down, listen instead – this is not an interrogation! - Encourage your direct reports to talk by embracing the silence, give them the room they need to speak. Read the full post here: https://www.drift.com/blog/1-on-1-meetings/

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