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Whether you’re a startup, a growing mid-market company, or a well-established corporate firm, chances are you have sales goals to meet.

And if those goals are like most sales goals, they involve closing more deals in less time.

That means, you want to accelerate your sales velocity.

To put it simply, sales velocity is a calculation that tells you how much revenue you’re likely to close EVERY DAY.

Obviously - the higher the velocity, the faster you’re growing.

It can be a stand alone metric for a companies success, but it can also be used as a way to target your sales strategy.

By using sales velocity, you can create a common metric that allows you to see which - cohorts, verticals, segments, or strategies are producing the most new revenue.

Here's how to accomplish this while pushing your metrics to the up, and right, of the chart.

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    Tina Eaton

    over 1 year ago #

    "Small improvements in your overall sales process can dramatically improve your sales velocity and change the trajectory of your entire business." This is what it's all about.