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Come on 80s babies! You know this one.

This is one of the most iconic lines from an iconic movie.
Just about anyone who’s seen Beetlejuice remembers it offhand.

But what if we told you there’s a scientific reason the line is so memorable?

And that you can use the same science to better market and sell products?

It’s called the Familiarity Principle, and, when applied to copywriting, it can help you gain more exposure for your brand, increase customer trust and loyalty, and increase your bottom line.

Check out this article to learn:
- what the familiarity principle is
- how you can apply it to your copywriting
- and how, combined with the right assets and great product details, that'll get more of your products sold.

  • TE

    Tina Eaton

    4 months ago #

    Definitely a key difference between tapping into familiarity and just spamming your title with the same keyword phrase several times. I always just skip over Amazon titles like that.

    • GR

      Gigi Rodgers

      4 months ago #

      I hate it when that's in an Amazon title. Shows laziness and I probably shouldn't expect much from the product.

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