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The outbreak of the highly contagious COVID-19 brought at least one positive change to our lives: health checks have become far more common in most places.

Modern technology impacts everyone’s lives. Healthcare is improving as is the quality of life of many people. However, most users still don’t realize the full potential of their smartphones or fitness trackers and overlook all the benefits of cutting-edge technology they can glean.

In this article, you can find out about some prominent examples of mobile, IoT, and other modern technology saving lives.

  • MC

    Maeva Cifuentes

    about 2 months ago #

    Great article, good food for thought. I have the feeling that most of the apps described in the article are just at the beginning of their development journey. There's already so much possible now, super curious what will be possible in the near future. Especially in combination with the 5g network.

  • HM

    HomeTown Mobility

    about 2 months ago #

    Good one