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This article is by Rahul Vohra, the founder and CEO of Superhuman - a startup building the fastest email experience in the world. We've all heard that product/market fit drives startup success - and that the lack thereof is what's lurking behind almost every failure.

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    over 1 year ago #

    I love this post. It shows a very disciplined and rigorous approach to solidify product market fit. With strong product market fit, rapid sustainable growth is possible. Without product market fit, all growth is temporary and fleeting. Everyone should read this article to maximize their chances of rapid sustainable growth.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    over 1 year ago #

    The staying power and impact of @sean's 40% number is on full display here - a must read!

    It was astounding to me though, given how long this number has been around (at least since 2009 from this awesome interview: https://growthhackers.com/articles/how-to-bring-a-product-to-market-a-very-rare-interview-with-sean-ellis/), that an experienced founder and investor (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rahulvohra/) hadn't come across it until recently.

    On the plus side - another win for "old doesn't mean obsolete".

  • RS

    Ross Simmonds

    over 1 year ago #

    This is a brilliant post.

    One of the best I've seen to kick start 2019. I loved the idea of building a roadmap by doubling down on what users love and addressing what holds others back. The entire approach is built on the back of data and research. That's the key! So many founders make the mistake of solely focusing on what their gut tells them rather than chasing the signals that their users are offering right in front of them.

    This insight is gold:

    If you only double down on what users love, your product/market fit score won’t increase. If you only address what holds users back, your competition will likely overtake you.

  • NL

    Nick Lock

    over 1 year ago #

    This is the literally the most helpful article I've read on GrowthHackers so far. We're hoping to launch a public beta soon and I will definitely be using the 4 questions and 4 steps listed in the article. Summary below with my comments in parenthesis ( )

    4 Questions:

    1. How would you feel if you could no longer use SuperHuman? (this will help determine which personas/groups are most valuable to you)

    A) Very disappointed
    B) Somewhat disappointed
    C) Not disappointed

    2. What type of people do you think would most benefit from SuperHuman? (this will help determine who to target)
    3. What is the main benefit you receive from SuperHuman? (this will help shape your marketing copy)
    4. How can we improve SuperHuman for you? (this will give you ideas and prioritization on product improvements)

    Product market fit engine:
    1) Segment to find your supporters and paint a picture of your high-expectation customers. (Look specifically at the "very disappointed" group and create personas.)
    2) Analyze feedback to convert on-the-fence users into fanatics. (look at the "somewhat disappointed" group, particularly those which the main benefit of your product resonates with and look at their answers to question 4)
    3) Build your roadmap by doubling down on what users love and addressing what holds others back. (work on both what makes the "very disappointed" group loves, and the "somewhat disappointed" group needs, and rank order it by cost and impact. Start with low cost high impact.)
    4) Repeat the process and make the product/market fit score the most important metric. (Survey new users. and repeat the process.)

    Again, cannot praise this article enough.

  • RK

    Richard King

    9 months ago #

    Great post. I feel like the best way to establish a product-market fit is to involve Product Marketing team much earlier in the process.

  • RV

    Rahul Vohra

    3 months ago #

    Hello folks! I'm super excited to publish an _interactive_ version of the Product/Market Fit framework ✨

    >> https://www.coda.io/@rahulvohra/superhuman-product-market-fit-engine <<

    For the first time, we have released a sample of actual Superhuman results — you can see word clouds change as you play with the doc, and you can even add your own data and use this to build your own product! 🔥

    Enjoy, and happy building! 🚧