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In this interview with Steven Dupree, former VP Marketing at SoFi, he talks about the strategies and processes he took to 100X their key metric (loans opened / day) in his 3 years at the company. 1. The three-legged stool for growing in FinTech 2. What drove immediate-term acquisition vs longer term growth 3. The “things that didn't scale” for SoFi 4. When and why billboards actually worked 5. When and why a Super Bowl ad actually worked! 6. The kinds of companies that should consider direct mail 7. SoFi's costly lessons learned in going after their toughest segment 8. How messaging and core value prop have evolve as the company grows 9. How to organize growth efforts (and team) when you go from a single-product company to a multi-line company 10. The future of SoFi More details in the full post!

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