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5 years ago, I’m at the Import/Export Fair in Guangzhou, China with my buddy Doug who’s starting a clothing brand. I ask him “how are you going to sell your clothing products.”

He says: There’s this software called Shopify that hosts your whole website, you upload your products to it and it takes all the payments for you. I thought to myself “that sounds like some cool software.”

Fast forward 5 years and Shopify is now an ecommerce behemoth generating $389,300,000 revenue ($184.1 million revenue growth last year).

  • 377,500 paying customers.
  • 100.5 million Shopify store buyers.
  • $15.4 billion in product sold.

Being a curious marketer, I wanted to see how Shopify did it.

So I reverse engineered EXACTLY what Shopify did… from their “sticky” free trial offer to their 15 minute “Just-In-Time” evergreen webinars.

Do you think Shopify’s $184.1 million revenue growth last year is mostly due to their advanced marketing tactics?

Or is it the product that makes Shopify great?

  • LJ

    Lucas Johnson

    10 months ago #

    Probably one of the most in-depth and helpful articles that I've ever read! Fantastic research and writing! I may or may not have stolen a few ideas ;) Thanks!

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