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Sarah Jones of Introverted Alpha—a dating coaching site for introverted men—spent $8,000 on an SEO firm, hoping they could increase traffic to her site. Instead, she watched with growing frustration as the SEO firm completely tanked organic traffic to her site. So, she did what any angry website owner would do. She fired them (politely, she said). Then—perhaps going beyond what the average site owner would do—she binge watched every “Whiteboard Friday” video she could find from Rand Fishkin and read every other SEO resource she could find on the web. In two weeks, she taught herself SEO tactics. The result? The DIY, Rand-inspired SEO changes she made to her site have driven a sustained 300% increase in traffic over the last three months.

  • NC

    Nathan Collier

    11 months ago #

    This turned into a great story! Now I'm binge-watching whiteboard Friday videos myself. :)

  • AZ

    Adam Ziółkowski

    11 months ago #

    Love it! I needed a reminder about the importance of quality, long-form posts. Thanks Benji!

    • BH

      Benji Hyam

      11 months ago #

      Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I loved this story. I was most surprised that she deleted articles off of her site and then increased traffic. I would be terrified to delete any content off of my site - but clearly the strategy worked.

      I need to dive into those whiteboard friday videos in much more detail.

  • BP

    Blake Pollack

    11 months ago #

    Love Rand! Can't recommend his video series enough

  • WH

    William Harris

    11 months ago #

    LOL I love ❤️ this title

  • SH

    steve harrry

    11 months ago #

    Great observation from Randy and great execution.

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