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Why isn’t your app making more money? The problem is that a lot of folks simply develop a mobile app and expect it to fly. 67% of marketers don’t even measure their mobile ROI. Ignoring this metric defeats the point of a mobile app—to generate a return and meet business objectives. You need to constantly optimize and experiment with your app.

  • FU

    Fluid UI

    about 2 years ago #

    Whether you are developing a website, a product or an app (anything at all) you need to spend a lot of time in testing mode. If you let anything out to the public without a process of testing then you are making a mistake. But, once you have released it to the public then you need to be experimenting at all times. The more you learn about your users and how the enagage the easier it will be to move in the right direction. If you are not experimenting then you are guessing and that is not really going to get you anywhere. Maybe you are lucky and the first guess works out but this will only last so long. Test, test, experiment, experiment and then do a little more.