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"Benji had recently written his post about “Pain Point SEO” and we started talking about some of the ideas from the post. He suggested restructuring some of our posts to more clearly show how our products tied into the topic, and to go after more topics that might have smaller search volumes, but that are much more targeted.

Two months later, we’re getting more than 300% more sales from SEO.

While only increasing traffic by about 175%.

In this post, I’ll go through what we did to start creating more high-converting, bottom of funnel posts focused on customer pain points, and what we’re doing to drive traffic from those posts back to our store."

  • SV

    Steven van Vessum

    12 months ago #

    Interesting read, thanks for sharing Benji!

  • LM

    La Manguste

    12 months ago #

    Useful. Would like to try some parts of it.

  • CW

    Charlie Worrall

    12 months ago #

    Great Insights!

  • MA

    Momenul Ahmad

    25 days ago #

    Hi, it's worthy to me and it's a growth hacking read absolutely I enjoyed this pitch and I asking myself for this point that, you have mentioned "300% more sales from SEO", could you please clarify me that 300% increased but the actual start point (%) 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, ------100% what's?. I would like to read your guidance. Thank you