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If you’re faced with a limited marketing budget, the uncertain playing field of Facebook Ads might make ad spend feel like a risky proposition.

However, with 2.38 billion Facebook monthly active users including buyers and brand evangelists, it pays to have a great Facebook Ad strategy that puts at least some portion of your overall marketing budget to work.

So how do you optimize your Facebook ad campaign—and ensure you maximize every dollar spent?

Here, we asked over 50 experts to share their best tips for achieving great ad conversion results on a small budget

  • SI

    Search It

    about 2 months ago #

    An incredibly valuable guide! Blazing a trail for all roundup posts to follow.

  • HR

    Himanshu Rauthan

    about 2 months ago #

    The article is a really helpful standalone tool for marketers and entrepreneurs who are trying to maximize their budget throughput. The way you've have segmented the areas of the Facebook Ad expenditure into eight areas really makes the work of monitoring very convenient and efficient.

    1. Split Testing
    2. Driving Traffic and Lead Gen
    3. Goal-setting
    4. Retargeting
    5. Targeted, Custom, and Lookalike Audience
    6. Data Analysis, Testing, Benchmarking, Process Improvement
    7. Repurposing and Boosting Top-Performing Content
    8. Diversifying Campaigns

    I would say that in the end, you've said it very rightly that:

    "Spreading your efforts can be effective if doing so in a strategic way."

  • PY

    pranathi yadav

    about 2 months ago #

    Valuable Article.

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