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Mobile apps are indeed the best choice for all businesses. The reason behind this is that they introduce your business to the target audience with the coming of smartphones. People have become dependent on Mobile apps. The dependency and usage of people could be seen by looking at this stat which is surveyed by Statista.com.

This statistics presents the mobile app downloads worldwide from 2018 to 2023, sorted by the app store.In 2023, consumers are estimated to download 124 billion mobile apps from the Google Play Store, from which nearly 77 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play in 2018.

Let's dig into the pointers which proves Mobile applications can become a blessing for Digital Marketing.

  • SP

    Satya Prakash

    8 months ago #

    What i believe is in upcoming time business owners go with mobile apps instead of business websites. It is same like now a days people use Smartphone more as compare to the desktop.