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Founded in 2012, Mention is a comprehensive media monitoring tool that helps leading brands track the most important conversations about their brand, competitors, and industry online.

Shortly after raising $800k in 2013, they reached 100,000 users. Fast forward to today where Mention has over 700,000 users.

Four years ago, Mention started running product education and co-marketing partner webinars to generate leads and help their current and potential customers get the most out of their platform (did I mention they also made over $10,000 in two hours after their first webinar?).

They also wanted an easy way to partner with influencers and other marketing departments in similar companies of size and audience. They’ve accomplished this and much more, partnering with big names such as Neil Patel and Hubspot.

With the help of Patrick Whatman, Head of Content at Mention, I learned more about how and why they run their webinars, and the tips and tricks they’ve used to create a highly scalable process.

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