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Churn is one of the most important metrics for a startup - especially for SaaS businesses - but because it's affected by every single function of business, sometimes it's hard to know where to begin in terms of trying to reduce it. We've struggled with churn at Mention, but in April we decided to fully concentrate on changing that. We set a precise goal and action plan for the subsequent months, and much to our surprise, we actually surpassed our goal in one month instead of three. And we're happy to share what we did! Main topics:
  • Support Optimization
  • Automated Nurturing Program
  • Anti-Churn Webinar
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    Timothy Wu

    about 6 years ago #

    Thanks for this Shannon. Hearing these specific examples and strategies was huge in getting me off the writer's block to chug along with our posts on retention strategies. Couldn't be better timed!