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“From $170 billion to $561 billion in roughly 3 years, that’s the expected growth for the Internet of Things (IoT) market.” The average person is expected to own and use at least 15 connected devices by 2030. Businesses need to be taking the IoT revolution seriously.

IoT will both revolutionize marketing and be a gamechanger for content:
▶️ Companies will move away from “containerized” content for specific platforms.
▶️ Headless, API-first content management systems will empower marketing across an array of devices, platforms, and channels.
▶️ AI-powered chatbots to voice-activated devices are (and will be) used as essential search tools.

So where are we headed in 2020 and beyond?
✔️ All content marketers need to learn how to process, analyze, and interpret data to apply it to their content.
✔️ Expertise in data and analytics will be a required skill.
✔️ More data scientists will join marketing teams to harness the IoT’s potential.

Here’s how to ensure that you’re using IoT effectively

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