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One of the top questions we get asked on our sales calls is “how long does content marketing take to work?”

Most people have probably read answers online, or heard from agencies or in-house marketers something like: “it takes 3 months, 6 months or even a year before content marketing will work.”

The truth is: you shouldn’t listen to some random figure that anyone gives you. The answer depends on what you measure success by, your business/ business model, and if you have product/market fit. Then there’s even more variability when you consider differences in domain authority, SEO competitiveness in different industries, promotion channels unique to certain niches, fame and following of founders or key executives, and other specifics.

That being said, in this post we’ll attempt to shed light on this question (”How long does it take before you start seeing results from your content marketing efforts?”) by showing you real data from our client engagements.