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Have you spent dozens of hours creating an industry report or an educational PDF for the sole purpose of capturing email leads only to be disappointed by the results? Let’s face it — gated PDFs don’t always generate the number of customers you were hoping for. That’s the situation Klipfolio was in a little over a year ago. These lead magnets were generating close to 4,000 leads every month. Conversions, though, were less than impressive. Only 2-3% of the 4,000 people signed up for a trial account of Klipfolio. Of the people who signed up, less than 4% converted to customers. When Phil Gamache was hired as Klipfolio’s marketing automation manager in mid-2017, he had a different idea.

  • NC

    Nathan Collier

    over 1 year ago #

    That additional engagement of an email course allows for more tailored sales approach as well. Someone who doesn't open the emails can be sent info on a slightly different topic as opposed to someone that opened them all, is ready for a different type of engagement.

    • AN

      Andrew Nicoletta

      over 1 year ago #

      And all email platforms can accommodate customization, segmenting, and event tracking to make that easy to implement.

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