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What has happened to the real Wolf of Wall Street after he hit rock bottom? 🐺

He accepted his failures and climbed back up.

Only this time by becoming a successful content creator.

How did he manage it? Check the article. 👇

  • JC

    Jason Carseat

    about 1 month ago #

    Awesome and inspiring post. I love this type of content. Cheers!

  • MM

    Mariusz Marcak

    about 1 month ago #

    I still feel weird, however, when this guy is talking about "selling ethically".

    • JP

      Jack Paxton

      30 days ago #

      Yep, will be hard to remove the stain in the past. The key here is that in this era of content creation, memberships, and courses you can really turn your passion into something useful for others as well.

  • DE

    Drixx Exchange

    29 days ago #

    Good motivational post! Keep it up.

  • HK

    Haley Kook

    22 days ago #

    Nice one Jack! I really enjoyed the movie but did not know that the same guy became a content guru :) Inspiring story, thanks!